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Jurassic Park Downloads

In this page you will find a whole bunch of downloads for any one that likes Jurassic Park.


These are Jurassic Park Roms are for use on an emulator they are in 1 Winrar and require an emulator to play.

Download JP Roms Pack


In this you will be able to download the unofficial The Lost World Jurassic Park BootSkin for use on Windows XP only because I haven't found out how to make Vista BootSkins only XP BootSkins And it works fine on my computer. Read the Readmet.txt in the Winrar to find out how to install

Download the unofficial The Lost World Jurassic Park BootSkin XP

RunAway Spino! Desktop Pet

Ever Wanted to have a dinosaur buddy on you desktop? well you can now thanks to me for putting him on the web! He works on all windows versions. if you want to stop him on startup go to MSConfig and find hot house interactive spino and uncheck it.


Jurassic Park Browser

The lost Jurassic Park Browser that was unknown for years to everyone and now I have it for download! I thank Way Back Machine for this discovery which allowed me to download the browser!


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