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Jurassic Park Images and Avatars

Here you will find a whole bunch of Images and avatars from Jurassic Park.

To download these images and avatars right click the image or avatar and hit "Save Image As" and then hit ok and it should download.


Here will hold images/wallpapers for Jurassic Park. To download follow install instructions at the top.    T-Rex Animated Roar    Jurassic Park Logo in the jungle


A Wallpaper I found :)


Original JPOG Loading Screen

 T-Rex Bashing through a Wall

T-Rex With a Close Up :)

 T-Rex DetailsSpino Details



Here will hold avatars for Jurassic Park. To download follow instructions at the top. 

    Jurassic Park Cycle

 Jurassic Park T-Rex with a glow (Note: Can also be used as a background)

 T-Rex Roar from the Sega Genesis Version of Jurassic Park

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