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online from 2008-2013 sorry for leaving! Check the home page for news

Website DEAD! Now online for Archives only!

This site has officially died! thank you everyone for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my website! But hey this doesn't mean my site is forever gone! This website is dead due to much more interest in me making a website from weebly so go to and watch as a remake a much better website! This website shall remain for only archives! Hope to see you at my new site soon!

( brutally shot in the head on September 28, 2013)

-Site Admin

Gruntzilla94 aka Elite34

Homepage, Welcome

Welcome to Andy Soft Games this is going to be a site which will have my games and more. this site is still under construction so that is why its still very small but it will be bigger in the future but for now check out what I have right now.


 July 8, 2008

The site store was added and one item is added for comming soon.


February 2, 2010

New page Mugen Chars

 March 12, 2013

Upload some images and update my website for Army Men 3D Ridiculous Hack for Playstation!                                Site:

September 28, 2013

This site will no longer be updated anymore and all members and people who are sent to this website must go to my new website thanks for all the support and thanks for staying with me! This website shall remain as an archives!

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